Topic: easier way to "cast" into subtypes

since all type instances are essentially stored in "C", the only way to cast into a subtype is a bit manual.  for example, casting from T_irrIAnimatedMesh into T_irrIAnimatedMeshX would take the following code:

Local xmesh:T_irrIAnimatedMeshX=T_irrIAnimatedMeshX.createFromHandle(animmesh.handle,False)

this would be much cleaner with something like:

Local xmesh:T_irrIAnimatedMeshX=T_irrIAnimatedMeshX.createFromMesh(animmesh)

an alternative, which may actually be the best solution now that i think about it, would be to have the getMesh() method of T_irrISceneManager return the proper subtype cast as the base type.  this way casting would work as it should so to cast would then simply become:


this is the cleanest and most understandable.  need to look into where else this might need to be done.  DO IT! smile