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Topic: What about a VST SDK wrapper?

The VST format is the one that is used to create plugins for most popular sound recorders. Synthedit for example can create loads of VST plugins.

Today all the VST  are made in Delphi or C++. The VST SDK is very simple and doing a wrapper should not be an issue for G-man smile

VSTDSK is in the developer's page of http://www.steinberg.de/324_1.html in the developpers pages.

Re: What about a VST SDK wrapper?

greetings smile  sorry so late but saying im swamped right now is a huge understatement.  i briefly skimmed the link.  what is the SDK for?  does it interface with files generated from the virtual instrument products they produce?

Re: What about a VST SDK wrapper?

The VST SDK is a way to create DLL that will receive sounds and midi, process them and output the generated processed results.
With this SDK you can create DLL that have a specific format (well have several routines to initialise, process the sound and midi).

VST is used by almost all Virtual instruments out there.

Someone did a Delphi wrapper to the VST SDK, so people now are using Delphi a lot to design synthesizers and effects that can be used in stand alone with a VST HOST or inside a music composition softwar elike CUBASE, FRUITY LOOPS and so on...

Having a VST wrapper for Blitzbasic would open Blitz to the very active DSP developpers, and would permit things that are not done yet, like doing a synthesizer interface in full 3D.