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Hi, firstly I'd like to say this is an exciting wrapper for BMax, I'm hoping you could help me.
I cant compile any of the examples supplied, I've installed the latest version of the mod and made the changes to the examples but I get Unhandled Exeption:Unhandled Memory Exception Error's, at this line of Hello World:
guienv.addStaticText("Hello World! This is the Irrlicht Software renderer!",_RECTI(10,10,200,22),True)

I also get these errors in the Quake example, so I'm guessing I've done something wrong.


Re: Exception Errors, everywhere!

greetings smile  my first guess sounds like its finding an older version of the DLL.  have you tried the mod before?  i would find all instances of the Irrlicht.dll and make sure you are only using the newest.  i have already added to my task list to do a version check when the mod is instantiated to avoid issues like this.

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Re: Exception Errors, everywhere!

@Slaine, Make sure that the Irrlicht dll has been moved from the Mod folder and putinto the system32 folder in windows, and that the .a file moved to bmax lib. And then delete the Lib directory in the Irrlicht mod install.

I must admit i havent acctualy instaled 1.13 yet wink so, Maybe you have found a new bug. (But I dont think so)

Re: Exception Errors, everywhere!

Okay thanks guys, I've pretty much got it going now, the only thing which is returning this error still is this:

' disable mouse cursor

Thanks for your help, very impressive by the way smile