Topic: Irrlicht mod-macosx error-help

Hi Gman,

I'm now trying your mod in mac but when I try to compile the first example I get the following error:

irr::core::irrAllocator<irr::SJoystickInfo> >&)in libIrrlichtMac.a(CIrrDeviceMacOSX.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Build Error: Failed to link /Users/afecelis/exer/blitzmax/irrlicht/
Process complete

Here's what I'm doing: I compiled the Irrlicht library, renamed it to "libIrrlichtMac.a", placed a copy of it in /irrlicht.mod/core.mod and rebuilt all of bmax's modules (including irrlicht's mod).

Then I try the 1st example and get the error I reported above. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas? wink



Re: Irrlicht mod-macosx error-help

greetings smile  i was unable to get Irrlicht 1.5 to work on the mac without disabling the joystick support.  my guess is that i didnt have the correct libraries to make it all work.  in IrrCompileConfig.h comment this line and recompile:


BlitzMax already has built-in cross-platform joystick support.

Re: Irrlicht mod-macosx error-help

Fantastic! thanks a lot Gman. I'll try it out immediately. It's gonna make my life easier in mac since I'm a bit lost doing things with the original C++ SDK  wink

Will try it out now and let you know how things go.