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A simple stupid question:
How can i distribute my application compiled with bmax/3impact ??

You may NOT:
- distribute the 3impactd.exe, dll3impactd.dll and dlls3impactd.dll files (any version) in any way, for any purpose.

But my application run only with this two dlls...

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greetings smile  the "d" at the end of the filename designates that is the debug version of the DLLs.  the debug versions are not distributable.  you need to be sure to compile your application with the debug version check turned off.  you can find it through the BlitzMax menu:

Program -> Build Options -> Debug Build

make sure there is no check next to Debug Build.  rebuild your EXE and now it should only be dependant upon dll3impact.dll which is the non-debug version.  with the BlitzMax version, the only DLL you should need to distribute is:  dll3impact.dll


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Yes i turned off the "debug build" but i get the same error..
but if i rename dll3impact.dll to dll3impactd.dll it is working

I don't understand sad

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that means somewhere its still linking in the debug version.  one thing that may have occurred is i messed up when i built the mod.  when the mod is built, i have to toggle a comment on a line depending on if its the debug or release build.   a possible problem is that i may have forgotten to do that.  i have rebuilt making sure i toggled that comment.  please try this download:

2006_02_05 gg._3Impact Release

replace the mod folder with the one from the above distribution.  the main files you want to replace are the .a and .i files from the gg.mod\_3Impact.mod folder.

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Thanks !!
It is working. big_smile

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good deal smile  glad i could help!  and thank you for finding a bug smile  any chance to see a demo of your project?

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any chance to see a demo of your project

I did not begin anything for the moment smile

just some tests:

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thx for the images smile  always good to see things from devs smile