Topic: Crazy Quake 3 shaders

Hey is it just me or are the Quake 3 shaders totally crazy?
I loaded tutorial 16 and added all my original Quake 3 *.pk3's but when i go to... well let's say Q3DM17, all the jump pads looks crazy, flimmering and stuff.
At some Quake 3 levels the floors are moving really weird, some are rotating or scaling up and down.

Re: Crazy Quake 3 shaders

greetings smile  quake 3 stuff i feel is still in its infancy.  we'll see if its any better when i get v1.4 done.

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Re: Crazy Quake 3 shaders

Heh ok just checking.
Hey btw is there any good documentation for the iB3D module?, All I've found is some random stuff that doesn't tell me half of the functions.
I have yet to understand how to add a non-zip archive with the iB3D module and how to load a mesh/Quake 3 map.
Oh and can i still do some data checking from the Quake 3 maps using the iB3D like where the spawn points are?