Topic: Problem with helloWorld sample on windows 7 x64...

I'm running blitzmax 1.37 and the 1.6 irrlicht mod. I get:

01.helloworld.debug.exe - System Error
The program can't start because Irrlicht.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
I copied the irrlicht.dll and D3DX8ab.dll files into windows/system32 directory like the instructions say to do.

Is there something I'm missing.


Re: Problem with helloWorld sample on windows 7 x64...

greetings.  my apologies on the delayed response.  unfortunately i dont have a windows 7 machine to try this out on.  i was able to get ahold of a friends machine and at least try RetroTank3D on it.  i was able to get it working with the DLLs in the system32 folder.  the only thing i can think is either some kind of user rights or the system32 path is not in your environment path variables.  something you can try, create a BAT file in your root blitzmax install and put this in the contents:

@set path=%path%;%CD%\bin;c:\windows\system32;

that should temporarily update the path environment variable to include the system32 folder.  be sure to update windows\system32 if that is not the correct path on your machine.  then start BMAX using the BAT instead.  if all else fails, put a copy of the DLLs in the directory where the EXE is being built.

hope this helps smile