Topic: buld latest module



find line:

void IrrGUI_IGUISkin_draw3DButtonPanePressed(IGUISkin* skin,IGUIElement* element, 
                const rect<s32>* rect,
                const rect<s32>* clip=0)
        if (skin)


C:/BlitzMax/mod/irrlicht.mod/core.mod/gui/iguiskin_wrap.h:57: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'rect' with no type
C:/BlitzMax/mod/irrlicht.mod/core.mod/gui/iguiskin_wrap.h:57: error: conflicting declaration 'const int rect'

Re: buld latest module

interesting im not getting this issue.  are you by chance including this file somewhere else and building or building the mod straight up?  what something like this usually indicates is a namespace issue since its not finding the rect type.  i use all the namespaces up front (in irrlicht.cpp) to avoid having to prefix everything.  please let me know if the issue persists with this next release.